Recognition of Employee Productivity

It is a common belief that the most efficient way to increase employee productivity is to offer them some recognition of their skills and achievements. While there are many ways that can be used to recognise the work of employees, the two types of awards are not exactly the same.

The first type of award is of an extraordinary nature that must be considered as an outstanding employee awards. These awards may include recognition of merit, certificate, diploma or a seal on the products.

Awards that can be considered as satisfactory are the ones that are based on information. They are the ones that are tangible and easy to verify such as numbers, charts and graphs.

Employee tools and equipment should also be given recognition as they contribute to the efficiency of the organisation. Tools like the products from the microwave ovens, stoves, cooking devices etc.

Apart from the use of tools, employee productivity is based on information. This is not to say that all information should be credited to the employee, but that there should be a system to recognise what the employee does.

To mention one example, information regarding hours worked by each employee is a useful tool for everyone. This may be done through the employee diary, which can be checked by the management alone.

The information on hours worked could be verified by a comparison of hours of work between departments. In this case, the management can pay more attention to those employees who have spent a large number of hours working in departments for which they do not have a claim.

Such a program is useful because it will pay more attention to these employees and they can claim incentives for the improvement of efficiency levels. It will also be possible to reduce the total cost of employee compensation because there will be fewer claims for overtime. The programs related to availability of space in the office, and absence of some facilities are also important. This is particularly so if the office is in a high profile area.

Employees should be informed about their obligations. They should know what would be the consequences if they break the rules.

Since the cost of living is variable, people prefer to commute to various locations by standard time zones to save money. If they fail to do so, they can be asked to change their hours to the nearest workplace.

There are many other methods and tools that can be employed to establish an employee reward program. These include sharing information with vendors, giving credits to employees for referrals or purchases and even rewards for good performance.